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Simple Homemade Disinfectant


As a mother of tots, I find myself wiping surfaces during at least 25% of my awake hours. *sigh* The surface I wipe most often is my son’s highchair tray. For this reason, I was feeling uneasy about the chemicals or scents in many of the options I had for disinfectants. Some were simply not food-contact friendly, and some simply smelled so strongly that even though “safe” I did not like the idea of the food I set on his tray picking up these scents/tastes. So I sought a new disinfectant and have been really pleased with the one I have been using since.
It is a combination of equal parts water and isopropyl alcohol, three squirts of dish soap and the optional addition of essential oils.
Isopropyl alcohol is what hospitals use to disinfect medical equipment or sanitize the skin for an injection. It evaporates so it is an excellent choice for things that come in contact with children’s mouths. Because of its instant evaporation it also results in an odorless clean! The dish soap adds extra dirt-lifting, grime-removing power (I’m starting to sound like a Dawn commercial), essential oil (5-10 drops) such as lemon, adds extra anti-bacterial properties and a light scent, but that is optional.
Consider it safe, as long as you don’t do obviously stupid things like wipe your body down with it or clean in a small unventilated space (duh!). But those aren’t things you usually do with cleaning products anyways, right? *More Info*
This disinfectant is great for countertops, plastic, glass and mirrors. Just avoid things like wood or anything with a vaneer which the alcohol will strip over time (admittedly though, I’ve used this on my hardwood floors many times and have yet to see any unwanted effects).
Not only is this cleaner safe and odorless, it is really inexpensive. You can even get a coupon for a free bottle of isopropyl alcohol if you have a child under the age of 2, by signing up for the Publix Baby Club. They also send you many other amazing coupons and no annoying mailers, etc.
I have to recommend these glass spray bottles which come in an attractive cobalt blue as well as amber and clear. Glass is great simply for the reusability but what I really want to rave about is the spray nozzle on these! It creates the most perfect mist I have ever known from a cleaning bottle. Not too “mist” (so light it is carried away by the air and doesn’t land where you aimed) and not too “stream” (where it douses one spot too much or requires you to pull the trigger 20 times to get one thing clean). The nozzle hose is also a little longer than most so it really sits right at the bottom of the bottle, allowing you to spray every last drop. The aesthetic appeal of these bottles alone makes me want to create homemade versions of all my cleaning products just so I can buy more spray bottles!
What are your favorite homemade cleaning solutions?


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