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Four Methods for Excellent Rice

Rice is a classic side dish that has most likely stood the test of time because it is so inexpensive. I love the versatility of rice, and even the different varieties. Here are four awesome methods for your basic white or brown rice. If you are buying white rice, I highly recommend buying Jasmine rice. I usually look for brands that list one ingredient (rice). I’ll pass on all that “enriched” stuff. That’s what a multi-vitamin is for, thank you.

My favorite is a classic rice pilaf from Martha Stewart. Don’t be fooled. This may look simple but the flavor has major wow factor.


This next one I love because I can start it before the rest of my dinner, and it just cooks away happily and is ready about the time I’ve finished preparing everything else. *Note: To amp up the flavor, I use chicken stock or vegetable stock instead of water sometimes.

Perfect Brown Rice


This Mexican Rice is the shiz. I love it so.


Yellow rice is something I adore. Arroz con pollo is a favorite of mine. But buying that tasty little bag of VIGO Yellow Rice is just not something I do, because of the MSG. This is one of the better recipes I have found for a homemade version that gets pretty close. Don’t forget to add salt!

Yellow Rice side


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