Cleaning · Life Hacks

Like a Boss – Volume 1

I’m not entirely sure when the term “Life Hack” came to be, but it would seem that no one can resist reading them because we all love the idea of being able to squeeze a little more out of the ordinary. Am I right? Here are a few to commit to memory. When the moment is right, you’ll recall this knowledge and feel like you just activated a super power. I know I do. Handling everyday things with genius and efficiency makes me feel like a boss.

1. A little stretch in your step: If your shoe needs a little wiggle room, try rubbing in some isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to the area you want stretched and then gently begin to push or pull it. I tried this on the “peep toe” opening of my left shoe and it worked like magic. Obviously proceed with caution on certain materials such as leather and perhaps test it on an inconspicuous spot first.

2. A use for leftover conditioner: We all have it. It mocks the perfectionist in us. We can never, ever run out of the shampoo and conditioner on the same day. Girls, use that leftover conditioner to clean your makeup brushes. Just run them under warm water and gently condition to cleanse. Air dry on a paper towel. They’ll be fluffy as new and smell even better!

Ashley_Brown_SpringCleaning_53. Dusting the awkward lampshade: Suddenly this task becomes a cinch when you use a lint roller!

4. Kitchen dust: The problem with dust in the kitchen is that it is not simply dust. It is a mixture of dust and a thin layer of grease that has vaporized every time you cook with oil. Eww. Gross. So when you attempt to remove this dust, it balls up into an aggravating mess that refuses to cooperate in its removal. Solution: a degreaser. This one has a lovely citrus scent. It’s magic. And this magic will only cost you $2.97

5. Optimize old clothing: Before you toss that sock with the hole, or the underwear that have lingered too long, or anything else not worthy of donation…clean something with it! This is how I have manged to stay even slightly on top of household dusting. Some things just aren’t suitable to be kept and reused as rags, but they can still serve one last purpose before hitting the top of the trash. Take that (laundered) garment and dust a baseboard, or your return air vent, or clean a mirror. It’s one less paper towel used. Somehow it has turned into a game for me… searching rarely noticed corners of my home for dust that I can collect before I toss the holey garment. I get a double thrill knowing I won’t have to wash it again either!


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